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Mahalaxmi Safety Solutions

The Mahalaxmi Safety Solutions is a prominent Supplier, Service provider & Contractor on Nationwide level in the meadow of Fire Safety & Security System to assimilate of advance solution for management of integrative of Fire Safety and Engineering. The Mahalaxmi Safety Solutions has continually expanded and diversified its business, to respond with innovative services to specific and changing needs of the standards. The technology at a base level involves a safety strategy, devices & technology, fire and smoke safeguards, evacuation facilitation and building resilience into post threat scenarios. The adherence to fire and building norms is the first and basic pre requisite of our solutions.


The population of the world is rapidly growing and our common life spaces are growing too. It is getting more important to prevent these common spaces from one of the biggest disasters, Fire. We believe in using the latest technology and information with our dynamic staff. We are working with Specialist Engineers and qualified staff in our technical and commercial applications to reduce the fire risk to minimum in living spaces and industrial areas. Our main aim is to give better service, manufacture highly qualified products with our continuously evolving Research & Development. We want to improve the understanding of Fire Security to the level of developed countries. In this way, we want to develop our country by using the raw material, productive power and information of our country efficiently in our manufacturing


To provide unique and high quality products to our customers. We are committed to deliver high quality goods and services which fully meet our customers’ needs for quality assurance together with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and we constantly seek ways to improve our quality continuously and ensure its continuity.


To be the number one in our field by providing best in class products and world class services in the field of fire protection equipments and safety accessories, with high customer satisfaction.


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